A Trust for Global Consciousness.

Introduction to My Bhumi

About this role

My Bhumi, is a Bangalore based NGO at the helm of Environmental concerns for the last decade and more. Ever since its inception, the Trust has always pioneered in Environmental Enhancement, Sustainability and Climate Change Programs mostly and a series of Education, Health & Hygiene programs.

Over the years we have gained sufficient traction to funnel down to addressing Conservation of Resources and Public Property. Be it Lakes, Rivers and Afforestion, Cleaning, Zero Discharge & Greening Initiatives. 

My Bhumi, encompasses of a coalition of experts such a Climatologists, Conservationists, Agriculturalists, Agronomists, Geologists, Biologists, Economists, Green Engineers, Policy influencers, Communities, Entrepreneurs, Financial Analyst, Urban Architects, Activists, Advocates, Scientists & Technologists, Environmental Experts and Researchers Scholars are all on board, who draft, models, check facts, review and validate all texts, maps, measures, inputs, sources and calculations to derive to most substantive solutions to Global Warming and a goal for us human to undertake.  Our change makers are students, teachers of different institutions, engaged citizens, corporates, policy makers, researchers, philanthropists, investors and farmers. We at My Bhumi, we believe in creating viable & sustainable solution platforms for current environmental concerns and are strong advocates for Conservation and revival, reuse and mostly reduce the use of Natural Resources.

At My Bhumi, We are innovators by use of a holistic combination of technology, scientific research together with old wisdom & knowledge base to solving ecological problems in our social framework. We are consultants for many Environmental projects undertaken by NGOs, State and Central Government and Private companies.

Why Conserve Environment?

Environment is a very complex and diverse entity, which has its own set of natural procedures to maintain its stability. Since the Environment is an enormous operation, humans are inclined to interfere with it, due to which it may get destabilized for some time and after that it attains its equilibrium. When this interference goes beyond a limit, the environment cannot cope up with some atrocities and such sudden changes further leads to its degradation.

Basically, environment is everything that is around us i.e. both living as well as non-living things. The most important things, which are necessary for survival of a living being, are food, water & air, which come from environment. But it is the quality of these aspects, which makes life thrive on earth. So, the main purpose for protecting environment is to maintain the existence as well as quality of life on earth. As for the sake of humanity, it is our duty to provide at least the same or better (if possible) living environment for our future, human ingenuity and for us to be more conscious of our consuming habits.