Become a My Bhumi Youth Ambassador

About this role

The My BhumiYouth Ambassador programme is entering its second year in Bangalore and we’re looking for passionate campaigners to join us for 2016. Next year is an opportunity for Bengaluru leaders to kick-off the new era of the NationalGoals in spectacular fashion, with important meetings on Sustainable development, Food Safety and Security, nutrition and global eco health taking place in addition to our usual work holding leaders to account for their promises on aid.Ambassadors will become leaders for the My BhumiCampaign in their communities and beyond, and will carry out a variety of creative and innovative actions in support of our advocacy work. We are looking to recruit a committed team of “Missionaries for change” who can help us deliver fact-based activism against extreme poverty, inspired by concrete evidence and driven by technology.The voluntary programme will run throughout 2016-2017, and each Ambassador will receive training, access to high profile events, in-depth policy briefings as well as dedicated support from My Bhumi’s campaigns team. This role is a great opportunity for any one wanting to become more engaged in Nation development or who wants to develop their skills in creating change. It’s your chance to truly define yourself as a My Bhumicampaigner.

About the My Bhumi Campaign

My Bhumi is a grassroots implementation, practice, advocacy and campaigning organisation with more than a hundred members nationwide that fights extreme civic complacency towards sustainable development and Participatory Democracy, particularly in Bengaluru. We raise public awareness and pressurise political leaders to support smart and effective policies and programmes that are saving environment, helping to sustainable communities. We hold state leaders to account for the commitments they’ve made to fight extreme issues and we campaign for better development policies and more effective aid. We also support greater democracy, accountability and transparency to ensure policies to beat poverty and promote sustainable developmenteffectively. My Bhumi is also a micro grant-making organisation but we do not solicit funding from the general public.