A Trust for Global Consciousness.


New age World is witnessing a youthful change, which, if harnessed progressively, will take the World to the echelons of a progressive Sustainable Nations. To make this happen, as concerned individuals, it is our right to draft realistic civic goals for our civic society and implement the same on a strong foundation of Environmental Protocols. 

To begin with it is our primary duty as local citizens and civil society first sensatise and improved sustainable Communities & Governments on a global scale. Communities are directly affected by the usage of natural resources, agro resources, industrial resources, energy resources and capital resources of their Nations.

How can we make a the change Video?

What needs to change?

Lets all bring together the building blocks of active participation and create an an Conscious World Environment. We must come together for innovative investments in garbage management, food security, urban biodiversity design, eco agriculture, health and safety, traffic management, sustainable urban/rural infrastructure or simply build trust in the ability of ordinary people to influence government decisions and partake in policy matters. 

Involve to Evolve

Lets all evolve into participating citizens for sustainable change. We have our goals and plans to build a Sustainable Globe. Now we need to turn these words and plans into action.

Involve with us take a pledge that we shall no more be complacent citizens, We shall draw from the power of togetherness to structure an evolved the World, participate to become citizens of change.

Lets be Environmentally Conscious

At an individual level, one can take several small steps that may collectively result in a big change.

Optimally utilize all of the Resources we are endowed with and be more conscious to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all that we have.

Core Environmental Concepts that are critical to Reversal of Climate Change, Rollback of GHG and Positive Environmental Impact-:

Good Governance

We need a League of Conservation Voters

Green Infrastructure

Eliminate as little to Landfills

Compost food left over’s

Cut on Fossil Fuel Consumption

Green Energy

Reduce use of Plastic

Use of Natural Fibers v/s Synthetic Fibers

Work on the Water Table

Reusable Cutlery

Consciously consuming Paper

Robust Enforcement of Legislature

To increase Water Table by RWH, Conserving lakes and Water Bodies.

Alternatives to Refrigerants, Heating and cooling

Afforestation as a carbon sink

Reduction of Pollution and much more

Who Would be Your Mayor?

Chalkere Cleaning

Doddabommasandra Lake Cleaning

Drawing Competition on Environment

Save the Neem Tree at Narasipura Lake

School Educational Program

School Education Program on Plastic and its effects