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My Bhumi:Project-1

Vanishing Lakes

As a child of the 70s our most interesting adventures were exploring the expansive water bodies of Bengaluru, which were catchment areas holding an annual rainfall of 1,100mm. These lakes were spread across Bengaluru enriching Bengaluru with a year long pristine biodiversity. Bengaluru was referred to as City of Lakes, Garden city, pensioner’s Paradise and Air Conditioned City of South India.

Pathway to Lake Restoration

a)Establishment of protected parks ans sanctuaries around the lakes.

b)Shoreline management through controlled entry and demarcation of lake boundaries.

c)Public or neighborhood participation in protection and conservation of the lakes.

d)Establishment of resource and information centers for scientific and social studies related to lakes.

e)Maintaining storm drains, which are the life line of the lakes by tackling encroachment and management of domestic and industrial discharge.