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Thriving Outside Of The Binary

“I feel like a mermaid. My body tells me that I am a man but my soul tells me that I am a woman. I am like a flower, a flower that is made of paper. I shall always be loved from a distance, never to be touched and no smell to fall in love with.” -Heena


As per latest census, there are more than 2 million of transgender people in India and 95% of them are leading a life that is not worth living.

Gender is a large part of our identities, as we use this social marker to navigate many of our choices, behaviours and attitudes in life. Yet, little is understood of people who find themselves at odds with the sex they have been assigned at birth. In fact, the transgender community remains largely invisible or partitioned into a subculture seen as separate from mainstream society. Many myths and misconceptions surround their existence and culture, and such lack of understanding result in prejudice and discrimination at multiple levels, present in interpersonal relationships, the workplace, schools, as well as the social and institutional milieu.

Radha Pahlavi a movement that aims to promote understanding and awareness of transgender individuals in India by providing information, telling stories, support opportunities, and dismantling misconceptions about transgender people. Empowering both transgender people and society at large through awareness, support, engagement and action, we aim to do our bit to create cultural and systemic change for the better.