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My Bhumi:Project-1

Restorative Justice Program

Develop and promote restorative justice in criminal justice systems around the world.  We are convinced that restorative justice is an important contemporary expression of timeless standards of justice. While operating within the Christian tradition, we find common ground and collaborate with people from all backgrounds and traditions.

A restorative processis any process in which the victimand the offender and, whereappropriate, any other individualsor community members affectedby a crime participate togetheractively in the resolution of mattersarising from the crime, generallywith the help of a facilitator. This project applies to crimes that are non cognizable in case of Adults and cognisable in case of Juvenile Delinquent.  
Restorative Justice is centrally concerned with restoration: restoration of the victim, restoration of the offender to a law - abiding life, restoration of the damage caused by crime to the community. Restoration is not solely backward-looking; it is equally, if not more, concerned with the construction of a better society in the present and the future.

Principles And Objectives

  • To attend fully to victims’ needs – material, financial, emotional and social (including those personally close to the victim who may be similarly affected)

  • To prevent re–offending by reintegrating offenders into the community

  • To enable offenders to assume active responsibility for their actions

  • To recreate a working community that supports the rehabilitation of offenders and victims and is active in preventing crime

  • To provide a means of avoiding escalation of legal justice and the associated costs and delays.